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    a fulfilling career while abroad.

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    Do you want:

    • A clear picture of what actually makes you tick and how to redefine your career?
    • A step-by-step plan on to make your vision a reality and build your career while living abroad?
    • Clarity on how to create the right network for you to pursue your dreams?
    Then I can help!


    You’ve left a job behind and now wonder who you are and what you want
    Work is usually the first thing people ask about. But what if you’ve left that behind? Who are you now and what is it that is really meaningful for you?
    You feel it’s impossible to find a career that fulfills you because you’re at a disadvantage
    You have tried to explore career opportunities but it didn’t work out. It really is tough to figure out what the market is like these days. Combine these with other priorities like family and it’s easy to want to give up!
    REDEFINE YOUR CAREER and make the most out of your international adventure. Gain strategies and the support you need to find a career that is fulfilling to you.




    • Discover your dreams – We look at what really makes you tick and what you naturally get fired up about. We explore what it is you would like to do and how you live abroad.
    • Uncover what you got - Discover what talents and potential you already have and how to use it  to start making a living doing something  you love.
    • Set the right foundations to pursue your career - Let’s face it, nobody can do everything on their own. I can help ensure you have social and professional networks that you can count on helping you to realize your dreams.
    • We get going - We create a step-by-step plan on how to make your vision a reality and how to build a career while living abroad.  If a regular 9-5 isn’t for you, we explore what other opportunities can be pursued to make your dreams a reality!





  • About Sprout Now

    Hello, I’m Eva, Founder of Sprout Now. As a coach, trainer and people-leader it’s my mission to empower and guide women who live abroad in their individual path to career growth. I ensure you make the most of your personal and professional life.


    I also work with organizations who eagerly want to grow in ways that are both exciting and fulfilling.





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    +351 935 516 835 / Skype: eva_bonsel