• About Sprout Now

  • About Sprout Now

    I believe that everyone deserves a career and life that is fulfilling. I also know that living abroad can be both a challenge and an opportunity for professional growth. And yes, you can make it work. It can be a wonderfully enriching experience, and one you don’t want to miss out on. You can build a career that enhances your talents and strengths.

    Why am I so sure?

    Because I have seen it happen again and again. I’ve been there myself and I know how it feels.

    I have lived and worked abroad several times – Italy, Belgium, Singapore, Philippines, Portugal, you name it. I’ve built up my life and my career over and over, sometimes through a job transfer while dealing with cultural differences on the work floor. Sometimes leaving behind a career where I had just started to feel established and excited about what I was doing.


    I recognize your struggle to re-purpose your life and career, especially finding one that makes you feel fulfilled after you’ve left behind your job. When people ask you what you do and you’re not sure anymore, there lingers a loss of identity.


    I have watched women around me stay at home and feel miserable not knowing what to do with their talents. Some taking on an international opportunity only to get frustrated with unexpected cultural differences, leaving them stressed and feeling thrown in the deep.


    People started to ask, “How did you do it, Eva?”

    When going through the journey of professional transition I realized why some women manage to find fulfillment in their international lives, flourishing in their careers, and what is holding others back.


    I help women go for their dreams and give the little push they need as a fully certified ICF coach. These women deserve it! YOU deserve it!


    And creating my dream business has only been possible for me because I learned to:


    • Let go of the idea that family and work can’t be complementary when living abroad
    • Get over the fear of trying unconventional ways in finding opportunities (like starting my own business!)
    • Show vulnerability on the work floor when it comes to cultural differences and that it is ok to be open if you don’t know when to push and  when to give
    • Accept that sometimes feeling lonely is very normal and manageable


    You can find that meaningful career where you feel accomplished.


    And you can excel in that international opportunity that you have taken on.





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