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    Discover and follow your path

  • Feeling Stuck

    You want to have a life that excites you, where you fully utilize your potential and grow as a person.


    Somehow you feel that your current situation is not matching with that picture.

    You know you would like to change the current situation but you don't know how. Perhaps also because you don’t know want actually makes you excited.


    And where do you start – especially when being abroad where things can be more complicated than at home?

    This is where I help

    • I help you realize what really makes you tick and excited. 


    • We explore your dreams in what you truly want in life. 


    • Then I  help you discover what is your true potential, how to use it and how being abroad can be used in your advantage. 


    • I help you move forward taking the first steps where you use your talents and  live a fulfilling life taking the most out of this international adventure.
  • I offer

    In individual sessions I help you take steps in discovering and using your potential.


    With other expats you work on finding and using your potential in your global adventure.



    The power of living into your strengths.



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