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    You want to have a job that excites you, where you fully utilize your potential and grow as a person.

    Somehow you feel that your current situation isn’t meeting those desires. You know you would like to change it but aren’t sure where to start.

    How I Can Help

    • Discover your dreams – We look at what really makes you tick and what you naturally get fired up about. 
    • We uncover what you got - I help you discover what talents and potential you already have and how to use it. 
    • We get going - I help you move forward in taking the first steps to living out your potential on your way to a career that truly fulfills you.
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    We can meet up face-to-face in the Lisbon area or chat virtually online.


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    Hello my name is Eva and I am a coach living in Portugal.

    It’s my mission to empower professionals in their growth, ensuring they make the most of their personal and professional life.

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